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Free Step by Step Sleep Guide

Are you ready to wake up with more energy, a clear mind and feeling fresh after sleeping through the night?

Power Sleep Session is designed to improve your sleep

Especially helpful for the woman who πŸ‘‡

  • is tired of reaching for yet another cup of coffee in the morning just to feel human β˜•

  • wants to wake up feeling fresh as a cucumber but today feels more like a saggy lettuce πŸƒ

  • is ready to put a stop to this 'not sleeping well' nonsense and wants change NOW.

If you've been struggling with sleepless nights and restless days, you're not alone.

Millions of women suffer from sleep problems, and it can be difficult to know where to turn for help.

If you have been experiencing symptoms of poor sleep and/or insomnia, including taking much longer to fall asleep, waking up most nights at 2 or 3am and struggling to fall back asleep, this 90 Minutes Power Sleep session can be a great early intervention to address your issues up front, and create a plan of action (of proven techniques and strategies) for improving your sleep and getting the rest you need to feel your best.


1x 60 minute Zoom call.

Clarity and understanding on what your current struggle REALLY is and how we can overcome it.

A plan of action to implement immediately and improve your sleep so that you have enough energy during your days.

My support for 7 days after our call via email or Whatsapp.

1x 30 minute follow up Zoom call to ensure you’re set.

Any other resources I believe would help.


BONUS: You can redeem the cost of this package against any of my other services*

*Must sign up to my Sleep Better. Perform Better programme within 1 month of completing the power sleep session.

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